David BeerGuitarist & Musicteacher




As a certified SMPV-music teacher I offer contemporary private lessons for adults.

Student-centred lessons.

My teaching location is very central in Zurich, just up the stairs from Stadelhofen railway station.

I teach several styles of music:
Jazz, Latin, Funk, Rock, Pop, Classical, Flamenco.

What you get:

Guitar classes (electric & acoustic Guitars).
Lessons for beginners & advanced students.

Music theory:

Composition & Arrangement
Preparation for entrance examinations at a swiss-music-high-school (Jazz or Pop)



I offer many years of experience teaching at various schools:

Zürich Nord College (KZN)
Youth Music School Zürich (MKZ)
Music School Regensdorf
Academy of Contemporary Music, Zürich
Private lessons


Days & Location:

Teaching time/day on request.
Scheduled apointements are binding.
The teaching location is very central in Zurich city, upstairs from Stadelhofen railway station.

Prices & Conditions:

(based on the actual SMPV- establishing from zurich/city):

100.-/lesson = 60'
80.-/lesson = 40'
Lessons on a bi-weekly basis only 60'
Payment is paid in cash after every lesson
Free trial lesson offered before charges apply


The lesson doesn't have to be paid:

5 weeks/year if lessons booked on a weekly basis-arrangement.
3 weeks/year if lessons booked on a bi-weekly basis-arrangement.
Prolonged illness or accident.
Holidays (Not including: 1st of May, Sächsi Lüüte, a.s.o.)
Absences (i.e. concerts, tours) from the teacher.
Other absences which the student's responsibility are chargeable and will not be compensated.

Termination of lessons:
After the trial lesson, a mutual agreement will be drawn. The student will then comit to take lessons for a minimum of 4 months.
After the first 4 months the student may opt to cancel the lessons up until the end of every month.